Bob Talbert, Columnist

The Late

He will be missed by millions...

(excerpts from Bob's column - October 23, 1991)

"Saturday continued discovery week big time. Ernie and Lulu Harwell invited us to Windsor to meet a new friend of theirs, Nick Pontikis, and his family at their Thanasi's Greek Restaurant, 1204 Tecumseh Road East.

The place is named after Nick's father, and we met Nick's wife, Lori, his daughters, and his mother, Maria, supervising things in the kitchen.  "Nick provided a sample of 'Windsor's finest Greek cuisine', which I think he could rightfully call 'North America's finest Greek cuisine'

"It's no wonder so many of the Detroit Greektown restaurant owners and workers come to Thanasi's to really eat Greek like mama makes it.

"Superb in every way. The Harwells and the Talberts highly recommend it."

All of us at Thanasi's will miss the great Bob Talbert terribly.
He was a rare person who touched the lives of millions of his readers.

Hall of Famer Ernie Harwell

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